Persiaran Karpal Singh

This is the first time a Malaysian road was renamed in honour of a person in my lifetime which is meaningful enough to warrant a few tears.

Of all the politicians I have known in my short life, he was the only one with the gumption to truly, and prominently stand for a secular country, and to protect the rights of the people to fairness and justice.

Thank you.




2 thoughts on “Persiaran Karpal Singh

  1. Unknown browser

    The second bridge of Penang ought to bear his name instead of the current Agong whose name most Malaysians don’t even know because of how irrelevant he is.

    1. Unknown browser

      I concur. This over respect for the monarchies is really ridiculous. Maybe we should just refer to it as Jambatan Karpal Singh just like no one really refers to the Jelutong Expressway by its official name.

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