Persiaran Karpal Singh

This is the first time a Malay­sian road was renamed in hon­our of a per­son in my life­time which is mean­ing­ful enough to war­rant a few tears.

Of all the politi­cians I have known in my short life, he was the only one with the gump­tion to truly, and prom­in­ently stand for a sec­u­lar coun­try, and to pro­tect the rights of the people to fair­ness and justice.

Thank you.




2 thoughts on “Persiaran Karpal Singh

  1. Unknown browser

    The second bridge of Pen­ang ought to bear his name instead of the cur­rent Agong whose name most Malay­si­ans don’t even know because of how irrel­ev­ant he is.

    1. Unknown browser

      I con­cur. This over respect for the mon­arch­ies is really ridicu­lous. Maybe we should just refer to it as Jam­batan Karpal Singh just like no one really refers to the Jelutong Express­way by its offi­cial name.

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