Chuu2Byou 2nd Season Confirmed!

Serendipitously, I finished (now officially the first season of) the series just a few hours ago. I didn’t expect much at first from 中二病でも恋がしたい! and part of the reason why I started watching, as usual, was due to the hype.

It started off as a goofy comedy which slowly but surely turned into one of the best anime I have had the pleasure of watching. An ultimate message that we all suffer in one way or another from thinking the world revolves around us or that we are special, or have special powers to effect change to the world and ourselves. I myself seem to have such delusions where I plot for the ultimate age of enlightenment in Malaysia where everyone works hard to make every person in this land and around the world as happy and contented as possible.

And now you know my secret of coping with the feelings of utter helplessness.

It is also, by the way, completely family friendly fare which you can share with younger viewers or older prudes you know. It would be nice to see how many people around you can connect with acting so embarrassingly nerdy, you wish you could travel back in time to punch yourself in the face.

Definitely looking forward to a bit of escapism.