Chuu2Byou 2nd Season Confirmed!

Serendip­it­ously, I fin­ished (now offi­cially the first sea­son of) the series just a few hours ago. I didn’t expect much at first from 中二病でも恋がしたい! and part of the reason why I star­ted watch­ing, as usual, was due to the hype.

It star­ted off as a goofy com­edy which slowly but surely turned into one of the best animé I have had the pleas­ure of watch­ing. An ulti­mate mes­sage that we all suf­fer in one way or another from think­ing the world revolves around us or that we are spe­cial, or have spe­cial powers to effect change to the world and ourselves. I myself seem to have such delu­sions where I plot for the ulti­mate age of enlight­en­ment in Malay­sia where every­one works hard to make every per­son in this land and around the world as happy and con­ten­ted as possible.

And now you know my secret of cop­ing with the feel­ings of utter helplessness.

It is also, by the way, com­pletely fam­ily friendly fare which you can share with younger view­ers or older prudes you know. It would be nice to see how many people around you can con­nect with act­ing so embar­rass­ingly nerdy, you wish you could travel back in time to punch your­self in the face.

Def­in­itely look­ing for­ward to a bit of escapism.