Flying Back to Vote

Heard of the latest in government malfeasance yet? The one where the Registrar of Society detonated an EMP charge on the DAP?

Just two days to nomination day, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has sent a letter to DAP informing the party that its central executive committee (CEC) is not recognised.

According to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, the letter was faxed to the DAP headquarters at 5.45pm yesterday in very questionable circumstances.

“The letter said that the ROS does not recognise the CEC, but this letter addressed me as the secretary-general and saudara (brother),” he said.

Puzzling DAP leaders further is the fact that prior to receiving this letter, DAP organising secretary Anthony Loke received another letter at around noon yesterday, from an ROS officer agreeing that an inquiry into the party’s election would be postponed until May 9.

Little wonder why Malaysians are flocking back like a swarm of angry hornets to vote as this article stated:

Some Malaysians have responded by getting together to help others make the trip. The local branch of Bersih in Shanghai has initiated a “Go Back to Vote Campaign” that is offering 500 renminbi (about $82) for airfare to Malaysians in the city who might not be able to afford the trip home. Bersih Shanghai‘s Weng Liew estimates that a total of 3,000 people have confirmed flying home from China. Bersih’s Hong Kong chapter has launched a similar campaign, offering 500 Hong Kong dollars (about $60) towards a plane ticket “A high turnout will minimize fraud and offers a better chance of stability in the event there is regime change or hung parliament,” says Lee Willson of Bersih Hong Kong.

Open the doors! The political tsunami is coming.