Flying Back to Vote

Heard of the latest in gov­ern­ment mal­feas­ance yet? The one where the Regis­trar of Soci­ety det­on­ated an EMP charge on the DAP?

Just two days to nom­in­a­tion day, the Regis­trar of Soci­et­ies (ROS) has sent a let­ter to DAP inform­ing the party that its cent­ral exec­ut­ive com­mit­tee (CEC) is not recognised.

Accord­ing to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, the let­ter was faxed to the DAP headquar­ters at 5.45pm yes­ter­day in very ques­tion­able circumstances.

The let­ter said that the ROS does not recog­nise the CEC, but this let­ter addressed me as the secretary-general and saudara (brother),” he said.

Puzz­ling DAP lead­ers fur­ther is the fact that prior to receiv­ing this let­ter, DAP organ­ising sec­ret­ary Anthony Loke received another let­ter at around noon yes­ter­day, from an ROS officer agree­ing that an inquiry into the party’s elec­tion would be post­poned until May 9.

Little won­der why Malay­si­ans are flock­ing back like a swarm of angry hor­nets to vote as this art­icle stated:

Some Malay­si­ans have respon­ded by get­ting together to help oth­ers make the trip. The local branch of Ber­sih in Shang­hai has ini­ti­ated a “Go Back to Vote Cam­paign” that is offer­ing 500 ren­minbi (about $82) for air­fare to Malay­si­ans in the city who might not be able to afford the trip home. Ber­sih Shang­hai’s Weng Liew estim­ates that a total of 3,000 people have con­firmed fly­ing home from China. Bersih’s Hong Kong chapter has launched a sim­ilar cam­paign, offer­ing 500 Hong Kong dol­lars (about $60) towards a plane ticket “A high turnout will min­im­ize fraud and offers a bet­ter chance of sta­bil­ity in the event there is régime change or hung par­lia­ment,” says Lee Will­son of Ber­sih Hong Kong.

Open the doors! The polit­ical tsunami is coming.