Visa Application, Just a Little More.

Thou shalt not under­es­tim­ate the com­plex­it­ies of apply­ing for a US Visa. Here’s what I have com­pleted so far:

  • Obtained I-20 form from the inter­na­tional gradu­ates depart­ment at my future university.
  • Filled up the forms and paid the SEVIS fee, because I am going to be a stu­dent in the US.
  • Filled and sub­mit­ted the rather long DS-160 form, which includes such ques­tions as whether I intend to carry out ter­ror­ist activ­it­ies in the US. I kid you not.

Now, I just need to pay the Visa fee at a Stand­ard Chartered bank, get the receipt, then sched­ule an inter­view with the US embassy. Cer­tainly, my week seems to be rather dull com­pared to Kok Sen Wai’s brush with the gods of fire — but it will even­tu­ally lead to a much more chal­len­ging aca­demic life.




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      Oh. Should prob­ably have writ­ten an update. I finally have my Visa.The pro­cess was faster than I anti­cip­ated from embassy to Visa, con­sid­er­ing the long applic­a­tion process.

      Thanks for the support.

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