Visa Application, Just a Little More.

Thou shalt not underestimate the complexities of applying for a US Visa. Here’s what I have completed so far:

  • Obtained I-20 form from the international graduates department at my future university.
  • Filled up the forms and paid the SEVIS fee, because I am going to be a student in the US.
  • Filled and submitted the rather long DS-160 form, which includes such questions as whether I intend to carry out terrorist activities in the US. I kid you not.

Now, I just need to pay the Visa fee at a Standard Chartered bank, get the receipt, then schedule an interview with the US embassy. Certainly, my week seems to be rather dull compared to Kok Sen Wai’s brush with the gods of fire – but it will eventually lead to a much more challenging academic life.




2 thoughts on “Visa Application, Just a Little More.

    1. Unknown browser

      Oh. Should probably have written an update. I finally have my Visa.The process was faster than I anticipated from embassy to Visa, considering the long application process.

      Thanks for the support.

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