Bradley Manning’s Voice

The Free­dom of the Press Found­a­tion has obtained a leaked audio of the mil­it­ary tribunal against Brad­ley Man­ning, where Man­ning reads his state­ment which was pre­vi­ously tran­scribed and pub­lished on The Guard­ian.

This leaked audio finally allows the rest of the world to hear the words of Man­ning in his own voice, a chilling insight into how cor­rup­ted the US gov­ern­ment is when a man who exposed murder and injustice is sub­jec­ted to trial and pun­ish­ment hid­den from the pub­lic to such a degree that one sus­pects he would have been bet­ter off par­tak­ing in the feast of chaos and destruc­tion rather than fight it.

Glenn Gre­en­wald has sum­mar­ised much of the case and annot­ated the more bewil­der­ing and import­ant statements.

Daniel Ells­berg has pub­licly endorsed the release of the audio, while sim­ul­tan­eously her­ald­ing Brad­ley Man­ning as “the per­son­i­fic­a­tion of the word whistleblower.”