Advancing the Vegan Agenda.

It turns out we do have secret agents on the inside. Those animal eaters have long accused us vegans of running a global conspiracy to force everyone to abandon that proud tradition of torturing animals for food.

If only that horsemeat scandal had not surfaced, we would not have been found out; as was the case in Iceland where meat-pies sold as regular blood-and-gore pies turned out to contain no meat.

When officials in Iceland began hearing about horsemeat being secreted into beef products around Europe, they decided to run tests to ensure the same thing wasn’t happening in Iceland.

Icelandic meat inspector Kjartan Hreinsson says his team didn’t find any horsemeat, but one brand of locally produced beef pie left it stumped: it contained no meat at all.

“That was the peculiar thing,” Hreinsson said in a telephone interview Friday. “It was labelled as beef pie, so it should be beef pie.”

Hreinsson said it appeared to be some kind of vegetable matter. He said the mystery pie was traced to a firm in western Iceland and the case had been handed to municipal authorities.

Or alternative headline:

Breaking news! Fake-meat Pies indistinguishable from Regular Meat Pies!