Your Free 百人一首 Recital.

As hard as it is to fathom, Chi­hay­afuru has wormed its way into my piti­ful excuse for a soul as my favour­ite animé. Yes, that’s right, an animé about com­pet­it­ive karuta has beat the likes of Madoka Magica, Gun­slinger Girl, Aria, and Fate/Zero in my list of all time favour­ite animes.

As of the time of writ­ing, I have mem­or­ised 18 poems out of the 100 in the 小倉百人一首 (ogura hyak­unin isshu), and am in the pro­cess of com­plet­ing 19% by today. At my speed of one poem a day, I should have all of them com­mit­ted to memory before the sea­son finale of Chi­hay­afuru 2.

So enough chit chat. If you clicked this post you most likely already know the usual spots for get­ting your 小倉百人一首 texts and trans­la­tions. What’s miss­ing is a free read­ing of all of the 短歌 (tanka) poems accord­ing to the stand­ard 5–7-5–7-7 read­ing metre.

  1. First visit this web­site and down­load “小町2007 Ver5.55β” by click­ing the big blue HTTP button.
  2. Install the soft­ware. If like me, you are using a Linux dis­tro, install with Wine. I don’t think any­one will need me to trans­late how to install pro­grams in a Win­dows envir­on­ment. Just keep click­ing next (次へ) and if you see radio but­tons, choose the one that makes the 次へ option available.
  3. In my Wine Bottle, I nav­ig­ated to c: > Pro­gram Files (x86) > Atelier Pan­dora > koma­chi > Wave
  4. Profit!

I have no actual idea what the pro­gram does, as the Japan­ese char­ac­ters are a blocky mess in my Wine Bottle. No mat­ter, I have achieved my object­ive to obtain a stand­ard­ised metre-reading of the poems without spend­ing any money.

Of course, once I start get­ting paid, I will be invest­ing in an actual karuta set so I can nerd out to thousand-year-old poetry.