Your Free 百人一首 Recital.

As hard as it is to fathom, Chihayafuru has wormed its way into my pitiful excuse for a soul as my favourite anime. Yes, that’s right, an anime about competitive karuta has beat the likes of Madoka Magica, Gunslinger Girl, Aria, and Fate/Zero in my list of all time favourite animes.

As of the time of writing, I have memorised 18 poems out of the 100 in the 小倉百人一首 (ogura hyakunin isshu), and am in the process of completing 19% by today. At my speed of one poem a day, I should have all of them committed to memory before the season finale of Chihayafuru 2.

So enough chit chat. If you clicked this post you most likely already know the usual spots for getting your 小倉百人一首 texts and translations. What’s missing is a free reading of all of the 短歌 (tanka) poems according to the standard 5-7-5-7-7 reading metre.

  1. First visit this website and download “小町2007 Ver5.55β” by clicking the big blue HTTP button.
  2. Install the software. If like me, you are using a Linux distro, install with Wine. I don’t think anyone will need me to translate how to install programs in a Windows environment. Just keep clicking next (次へ) and if you see radio buttons, choose the one that makes the 次へ option available.
  3. In my Wine Bottle, I navigated to c: > Program Files (x86) > Atelier Pandora > komachi > Wave
  4. Profit!

I have no actual idea what the program does, as the Japanese characters are a blocky mess in my Wine Bottle. No matter, I have achieved my objective to obtain a standardised metre-reading of the poems without spending any money.

Of course, once I start getting paid, I will be investing in an actual karuta set so I can nerd out to thousand-year-old poetry.