Infograph of the 1%.

Based upon the work of Stefano Bat­tiston, James Glattfelder and Stefania Vitali at the Zurich Poly­tech­nic, the Transna­tional Insti­tute offers a visual rep­res­ent­a­tion of the report that shows just how much of the assets of the planet are skewed towards the 1%.

Or even more tellingly, where 0.001% of the world’s pop­u­la­tion own more than 20% of global annual GDP.

Cor­por­a­tions as big as gov­ern­ments do not bode well for demo­cracy or for social justice, as the Cor­por­ate States of Amer­ica show with their low taxes and sys­tem­atic attack upon the social net.