Iceland Deports FBI Agents

Ice­land kicked some asses that needed much kick­ing by effi­ciently deport­ing FBI agents sent unan­nounced to con­duct invest­ig­a­tions into Wikileaks.

Obama’s war on whistle-blowers is a mark of shame to this once great nation that once at the very least pre­ten­ded to stand on the right side of ethics.

Accord­ing to the RUV, the Icelandic National Broad­cast­ing Ser­vice, FBI agents landed in Reyk­javík in August 2011 without prior noti­fic­a­tion in an attempt to invest­ig­ate WikiLeaks oper­a­tions within the coun­try. How­ever, their plan was interup­ted when Home Sec­ret­ary Ögmun­dur Jónas­son learned about the FBI’s visit and sent them pack­ing. The Icelandic gov­ern­ment then form­ally pro­tested the FBI’s activ­it­ies with U.S. authorities.

I have a sud­den urge to visit Ice­land as a tour­ist, or rent serv­ers from them — once I start mak­ing enough money.