Late to the “Listen” Bandwagon.

My sis­ter sent me a mes­sage via SMS to write some­thing about that issue. I was about to, then the entire Inter­net got to it first. I lit­er­ally have noth­ing of value to add.

Plus, I need to get back to read­ing journ­als so this should suffice.

  • Ken­neth
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    hmmm don’t really get what the video is try­ing to say if you are try­ing to state your stand on the mat­ter via this video. (unless the video really is just for fun and not try­ing to con­vey any­thing)
    First, the video starts with a par­ody of the “berikhrar” segment.…defends her in the middle.… but then at the end the video ends by mak­ing fun of her state­ments.… and finally the last seg­ment extract­ing a small part of her apo­logy speech.. (which I feel, defends her). so.….…

    • Rewarp
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      This video is sar­casm of the highest level. The defence in the middle had con­trast­ing images.