First World Country, Rape Mentality.

Steuben­ville is an Amer­ican “foot­ball” town. And by Amer­ican “foot­ball”, I mean the game where hands are used more than feet for more than 90% of the time.

Amer­ican “foot­ball” is rather entrenched in this town, so much so that it would appear the entire town con­spired to cover up the gang-rape and kid­nap­ping of a 16 year old girl last August by mem­bers of the high school “foot­ball” team. For example, when the facts were revealed to the coach of the Amer­ican “foot­ball” team, this was what that pre­sum­able shin­ing beacon of Amer­ican cul­ture said:

The rape was just an excuse, I think …What else are you going to tell your par­ents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that? She had to make up some­thing. Now people are try­ing to blow up our foot­ball pro­gram because of it.

The unfold­ing truth car­ries with it a huge trig­ger warn­ing, and you should pre­pare for a part of you to die inside if you choose to read this.

One bright side it, Anonym­ous has decided to take it upon them­selves to bring justice to the vic­tim via a Wikileaks like site called Local Leaks. Again, trig­ger warning.


Due to the polite state­ment at the end of the Local Leaks page, here’s the link to their main site where you may con­trib­ute mater­i­als should you be famil­iar with the case, or indeed any other whistle-blowing material.