Let’s Help End Rape Culture in India

The Avaaz peti­tion is finally ready to be unleashed upon the Indian gov­ern­ment. Let’s all add our voices to sig­nal our sup­port for legis­lat­ive ini­ti­at­ives to ensure women are no longer treated like second class cit­izens in India; and to change the cul­tural dia­logue in the most pop­u­lated demo­cratic coun­try on this planet.

It is easy to “oth­er­ize” the rap­ists as mon­sters, and try to saddle them as fall­ing out­side the bell-curve of human beha­viour. It is not easy though to con­front the ugly truth that these men are as much human as you and me. They are not mon­sters, but big­ots. Miso­gyn­ists empowered by the cul­ture around them to com­mit these hein­ous crimes because they can expect to get away with it.

We ought to remem­ber that at the very least the cit­izens of India have risen in protest over the rape of the woman. Here in Pen­ang, a gang rape of an Indone­sian by the police barely got any press cov­er­age, let alone pub­lic outrage.

One battle at a time, and today, let’s help India win theirs.