Let’s Help End Rape Culture in India

The Avaaz petition is finally ready to be unleashed upon the Indian government. Let’s all add our voices to signal our support for legislative initiatives to ensure women are no longer treated like second class citizens in India; and to change the cultural dialogue in the most populated democratic country on this planet.

It is easy to “otherize” the rapists as monsters, and try to saddle them as falling outside the bell-curve of human behaviour. It is not easy though to confront the ugly truth that these men are as much human as you and me. They are not monsters, but bigots. Misogynists empowered by the culture around them to commit these heinous crimes because they can expect to get away with it.

We ought to remember that at the very least the citizens of India have risen in protest over the rape of the woman. Here in Penang, a gang rape of an Indonesian by the police barely got any press coverage, let alone public outrage.

One battle at a time, and today, let’s help India win theirs.