She Died

The really sad part? Dying without knowing whether the men who raped and killed her would be adequately punished.




4 thoughts on “She Died

  1. Unknown browser

    May she rest in peace…the living will sort out those beasts and then they will be sorted out some more in the underworld for eternity.

    1. Unknown browser

      I share your sentiments, though my disbelief in an afterlife means I prefer to see the perpetrators punished while they are alive.

      Ultimately, I hope the 23 years of her life on this planet, all that energy and hopes and dreams lost to a mob of monsters in a violent act, won’t be wasted.

  2. Unknown browser

    The 23-year-old or the 17-year-old who committed suicide? Regardless, I think the saddest part is still the fact that the culture is such that there are potential victims who will face the same plight in the future. It could be the little girl on the street playing with her toys now or the young lady who is celebrating her 21st birthday in a deli with her family. These victims will not only have to face the impending horror of sexual violence but the aftermath too – being surrounded by a culture too horrid to describe and entirely self-evident enough to be exposed on the Internet. As people like you and me watch on.

    1. Unknown browser

      The 23-year old. She had become the Malala of rape culture in India, so it would have been sweet justice if she had lived to see the violence against her had roused an entire nation to anger, and her murderers punished severely for their crimes.

      Anyone can watch, but it is with the hope that by contributing our voices against gender-based violence that we will shift the cultures around us to be less tolerant of sexism – and thus laws which make it safe to be a woman anywhere in the world.

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