She Died

The really sad part? Dying without know­ing whether the men who raped and killed her would be adequately punished.




4 thoughts on “She Died

  1. Unknown browser

    May she rest in peace…the liv­ing will sort out those beasts and then they will be sor­ted out some more in the under­world for eternity.

    1. Unknown browser

      I share your sen­ti­ments, though my dis­be­lief in an after­life means I prefer to see the per­pet­rat­ors pun­ished while they are alive.

      Ulti­mately, I hope the 23 years of her life on this planet, all that energy and hopes and dreams lost to a mob of mon­sters in a viol­ent act, won’t be wasted.

  2. Unknown browser

    The 23-year-old or the 17-year-old who com­mit­ted sui­cide? Regard­less, I think the sad­dest part is still the fact that the cul­ture is such that there are poten­tial vic­tims who will face the same plight in the future. It could be the little girl on the street play­ing with her toys now or the young lady who is cel­eb­rat­ing her 21st birth­day in a deli with her fam­ily. These vic­tims will not only have to face the impend­ing hor­ror of sexual viol­ence but the after­math too — being sur­roun­ded by a cul­ture too hor­rid to describe and entirely self-evident enough to be exposed on the Inter­net. As people like you and me watch on.

    1. Unknown browser

      The 23-year old. She had become the Malala of rape cul­ture in India, so it would have been sweet justice if she had lived to see the viol­ence against her had roused an entire nation to anger, and her mur­der­ers pun­ished severely for their crimes.

      Any­one can watch, but it is with the hope that by con­trib­ut­ing our voices against gender-based viol­ence that we will shift the cul­tures around us to be less tol­er­ant of sex­ism — and thus laws which make it safe to be a woman any­where in the world.

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