Sybil Kathigasu

It is a shame to her memory and to our nation’s dig­nity that we do not hon­our this remark­able woman in our his­tory books.

Trig­ger Warn­ing: Graphic viol­ence depic­ted towards the act­ress play­ing Sybil.




One thought on “Sybil Kathigasu

  1. Unknown browser

    Minor­ity mah. Minor­it­ies in our his­tory books are only good for play­ing the vil­lains, for instance com­mun­ist “insurgents”.

    No actu­ally that’s just part of it. Many Malays who should be prom­in­ent are not fea­tured as well, purely because they make UMNO look bad. For instance those involved in PUTERA, and the left lean­ing who were labelled as com­mun­ists by the Brit­ish and now sub­sequently are not men­tioned so as to main­tain the myopic view that the com­mun­ist move­ment in Malaya was solely chinese.

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