Be Counted as an Atheist.

Cross post from Malay­sian Athe­ists.

The Athe­ist Alli­ance Inter­na­tional Athe­ist Census is finally stable enough to allow nor­mal oper­a­tions once more. As their media release states:

On 7 Decem­ber Athe­ist Alli­ance Inter­na­tional (AAI) launched Athe­ist Census at, a global pro­ject to count and cap­ture a snap­shot of the world’s athe­ists.  The response to Athe­ist Census was very pos­it­ive, with 8,880 entries con­firmed and another c. 2,300 pending before it was taken off­line as a res­ult of a DoS (denial of ser­vice) attack, about 17 hours after launch.

Athe­ist Census is now back online with a higher level of pro­tec­tion, and entries have already grown to over 20,000.  The Pres­id­ent of Athe­ist Alli­ance Inter­na­tional, Car­los A. Diaz, said “It seems that there are people who do not want athe­ists to be coun­ted, who do not want to accept that as more people ques­tion and think crit­ic­ally about reli­gion athe­ists are a grow­ing demo­graphic.  It is a meas­ure of the project’s suc­cess — even at this early stage — that some people wanted to shut it down.”  He added “While truth and fair pub­lic policy are not determ­ined by pop­ular­ity, demon­strat­ing the sig­ni­fic­ance of the non-religious com­munity will assist our efforts to pro­mote a sec­u­lar world.  I encour­age all athe­ists to be coun­ted in Athe­ist Census.”

We at Malay­sian Athe­ists echo Mr. Diaz’s state­ment to be coun­ted in this census. The coun­try spe­cific reports are the best way pos­sible to show the gov­ern­ment and the largely reli­gious com­munity that athe­ists and non-believers of other des­ig­na­tions make up a large part of the country’s people. This large num­ber of cit­izens are Malay­si­ans who deserve to be treated with as much dig­nity as any priv­ileged Muslim in Malaysia.

If you have two minutes, take your time to fill in the Athe­ist Census, and another minute to spread the word. Your con­tri­bu­tion will be extremely use­ful to your fel­low atheists.