Yep. According to Penn Jillette, if a woman makes a joke he doesn’t find funny, she’s a stupid talentless cunt.

–Jen McCreight

Justifications Bingo and Sexist Behaviour

I found this bingo card by Jen McCreight amus­ing because it’s more or less the same sort of argu­ment I heard when I brought up the issue of sex­ist beha­viour and sex­ism amongst acquaint­ances and on the Inter­net in general.

Nev­er­the­less, it is still worth post­ing just to under­stand how asin­ine you are being if you use gender-based insults. And to the women who say they are okay with its use, sorry, you are not help­ing your gender over­come discrimination.

It is mind-numbingly obvi­ous that sex­ist beha­viour should not be tol­er­ated. It is not being wel­com­ing to oppos­ing views and free­dom of speech when a com­munity gives tacit approval to its use, but being anti-social, and anti-women. Fail­ure to stop such beha­viour res­ults in people leav­ing the com­munity out of dis­gust because this is not the sort of beha­viour that is inclus­ive — but damaging.

I haven’t writ­ten much pub­licly about my depar­ture from the Malay­sian Athe­ists, Free­thinkers, Agnostics and friends (MAFA) Face­book group until today, but this is as good a time to do so.

MAFA is undoubtedly a valu­able place for find­ing like-minded athe­ists. The Malay­sian Athe­ists organ­iz­a­tion itself pro­cured much of its mem­ber through that body. It is how­ever telling that through­out my two years in the group, I could count the num­ber of act­ively par­ti­cip­at­ing women with one hand.

It couldn’t be because there were not many women athe­ists in Malay­sia. A look through the mem­ber­ship list would show that there were indeed more than five women in the group of over a thou­sand mem­bers, yet the lack of par­ti­cip­a­tion is astound­ing by its absence.

And if you so much as give me the “women are usu­ally timid argu­ment”, so help me Madoka I will cut you.

The reason as I far as I am aware from read­ing the athe­is­mplus for­ums, many reas­ons for non-participation by women is due to sex­ist lan­guage, and when that beha­viour is called out, many in the com­munity would rise to defend the sex­ist lan­guage in the name of free speech. Bliss­fully unaware that such beha­viour stops many people from enga­ging with the com­munity ever again.

Are you being inclus­ive when you decide to use a gender-based insult? Or are you per­petu­at­ing the use of a word with the his­tor­ical bag­gage that a woman is noth­ing more than an object to insert your penis into? You may be using is because it is the strongest insult to date in the Eng­lish lan­guage, but you shall now use it after read­ing this art­icle know­ing you per­petu­ate a nar­rat­ive that under­mines women with its every use.

Also, the equi­val­ent of cunt isn’t dick. The equi­val­ent of dick, is pussy. But that is a whole other issue alto­gether which you can read up on by the insight­ful Jason Thi­beault.

Ulti­mately, I do not see splits over such issues as weak­en­ing the athe­ist com­munity. We gather like-minded people together, and if they are dis­agree­able, we leave to cre­ate some­thing bet­ter. Much like the F/OSS com­munity I par­ti­cip­ate in that cre­ated Lib­reOf­fice from the dis­sat­is­fac­tion over policies by Oracle over Open­Of­fice, I would quote: “If you don’t like it, fork it.”