So It Turns Out Last Pass has a Referral Programme

Silly me. Intro­du­cing Last­Pass to my friends without using a refer­ral link.

Any­way, as you can see from my blog, I don’t believe in advert­ising to sub­sid­ise my non-existent income. I also don’t accept cash dona­tions. How­ever, I like get­ting free stuff from other people get­ting free stuff, hence this post.

If you have ever felt insec­ure about using the same pass­word with no or slight vari­ation across your vari­ous Inter­net accounts, Last­Pass will sim­plify your life by gen­er­at­ing ran­dom pass­words and stor­ing your user cre­den­tials for all your online activities.

You never have to remem­ber a 20-character long pass­word with “(_&T_F$W@Q%$” ran­domly thrown in ever again. Plus, if per­chance your account gets com­prom­ised, you won’t have to worry about the immin­ent destruc­tion of your online per­sona because of a shared password.

So help your­self today while toss­ing me a tip. Sign up to Last­Pass with my refer­ral link now.

Also, if you use the refer­ral link, you will get a one month Premium account for free as well, as will I. It’s in your best interests to use my refer­ral link rather than get­ting one straight from the main site.