Tell Malaysian Government to Let Rohingya Land

Here is the peti­tion. Sign it.


For Fuck’s Sake Let Them Land!

This Malay­sian would like to state with no reser­va­tion what­so­ever that any­one who objects to provid­ing human­it­arian aid to starving refugees are morally-repugnant pieces of shit.

The end.

Reports of Rohingya and Banglade­shi migrants starving on boats off Malaysia’s shores have sparked a divis­ive debate between Malay­si­ans on social…

Source: As migrants starve on boats, Malay­si­ans debate whether lives worth sav­ing — The Malay­sian Insider


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Noth­ing spe­cial of note. I just really like the Nodame Can­tabile ver­sion of Mozart’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.




Yes planet Earth, Malay­sia also prac­tices abstinence-only edu­ca­tion as a form of birth con­trol, because the people run­ning this coun­try are irre­spons­ible, short-sighted, reli­gious fuckwits.

Boo Su-Lyn has a thor­ough write-up I encour­age you to read, par­tic­u­larly if you identify as a irre­spons­ible, short-sighted, reli­gious fuckwit.

MAY 1 ― When I first went to a gov­ern­ment clinic to get some con­tra­cept­ives, the Malay nurse asked me if I was mar­ried. I said no. She was ini­tially reluct­ant to give me birth con­trol pills,

Source: Scared stiff of condoms


xkcd: Degree-Off

Source: xkcd: Degree-Off

I unam­bigu­ously endorse this xkcd missive, as a biologist.


Philosophical Truth or Dare

How is this video not at 1 mil­lion views yet at the time of writ­ing I will never know.

Gott ist tott.


How to write in Chinese/Japanese/Korean in openSUSE

I don’t know any Korean, but that lan­guage is the “K” part of CJK when we talk about East Asian lan­guage sup­port in Linux. I have used three input meth­ods thus far for CJK lan­guages in Linux, with SCIM when I used Ubuntu, until the trans­ition­ing to Ibus for my Kubuntu laptop, to the cur­rent nearly unpro­nounce­able Fcitx [ˈfaɪtɪks] in openSUSE.

Since it took me a good two days to fig­ure out how Fcitx works, I decided to write this art­icle for future ref­er­ence. Do note that you can sum­mon any of the applic­a­tions men­tioned here with KRun­ner, the semantic desktop launcher-cum-do-it-all tool for KDE. Default short-cut is Alt-F2.Pronounced Faitiks.

  1. If you have installed other CJK input soft­ware, for example Ibus and Scim, unin­stall them.
  2. Make sure the Fcitx pack­age is installed using Soft­ware Management
  3. In YaST, select Lan­guage and choose the lan­guages you wish to use under Sec­ond­ary Lan­guages then click OK..
  4. Make sure the requis­ite pack­ages for the lan­guages you wish to use is also installed, for example
    • fcitx-anthy for Japanese
    • fcitx-googlepinyin for Chinese
  5. Fcitx should launch auto­mat­ic­ally with openSUSE, it will be the key­board icon in the panel. Right-click on it and choose Con­fig­ure.
  6. In Input Method, make sure to un-check Only Chow Cur­rent Lan­guage. I was puzz­ling over where my CJK lan­guages were hid­ing until I stumbled into this button.
  7. Select the input meth­ods for your respect­ful lan­guages and click the right arrow. As you can see in the screen­shot provided, I chose Anthy and Google Pinyin.
    • The default key for chan­ging between input meth­ods is Ctrl+Space. You can change this in Global Con­fig.
    • Appear­ance allows you to change the font type (I went with Oxy­gen rather than the default Sans font).
  8. Click OK and you are now set to start writing!