Where I find out Magnatunes is DRM-free by Default

Looks like I shall be sav­ing up for that life­time mem­ber­ship to Mag­na­tunes. It’s not just the DRM-free part that con­vinced me, it is also the fact that 50% of what the site makes goes dir­ectly to the artists.

It’s right there on their site:

  • 50% of mem­ber­ship fees go dir­ectly to the artists who are listened and downloaded.
  • 50% of any com­mer­cial sub-licensing (ads, web sites, trade shows, films, etc) goes dir­ectly to the artist.

It would also seem they have music which tickles my tra­di­tional music taste-buds. And yes, this whole post was writ­ten just so I could put some koto music on the site.

Begin­ning of a Jour­ney by Yumi Kur­osawa

Chris Hedges, now a Vegan

It’s always nice to see people I respect who are lib­er­als and pro­gress­ives on so many other issues except for the envir­on­ment finally con­front and change their ways for the bet­ter. Chris Hedges writes about his decision to become vegan: Animal agri­cul­ture is respons­ible for more green­house gas emis­sions than all world­wide trans­port­a­tion combined—cars, trucks, […]

Israel Commits Warcrimes. Lots of Them.

State­ments from sol­diers in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) should make it clear enough that Palestini­ans are treated worse than cattle in their own coun­try. At least when you mis­takenly kill someone’s live­stock, you need to pay com­pens­a­tion. But it is not the rest of the world that needs con­vin­cing. It is the United States […]

Privileged Douchebags versus Homeless in KL

I am con­stantly amused by how people seem to be unaware of their priv­ileges with their every word or action. In time, they will learn, or so an ima­gin­ary ste­reo­typ­ical voice of an ancient old man would whis­per in my ear. Well old man, it is not quite so con­vin­cing when the people who speak of […]

KL Soup Kitchens

Reza Aslan’s Concise Repartee

You prob­ably already know where I stand in regards to the Allah issue in Malay­sia. This is purely for those amongst you who are more likely to change their tune if you believe in Islamic teach­ings and are more likely to listen to one of your own. The Malay­sian Insider: “This notion that Malay­sian Muslims need […]

Because of Mushishi

I paid for Lucy Rose’s MP3 album. She is spec­tac­u­lar in that quiet mel­an­cholic man­ner that reflects the themes of Mushishi per­fectly although they share little in com­mon. Look­ing for­ward to more Mushishi in the autumn!