My dis­dain for smoking begins where the second hand smoke begins. Thanks to Last Week Tonight, now I have fur­ther things to be dis­pleased about whenever I see smokers.


I make a sol­emn prom­ise to any stu­dents I grade, I will draw a smi­ley face if you ref­er­ence this in your assign­ments to me.  

Baseline Unite!

I don’t care about the minor tech­nical fact 響く!ユーフオニアム is a lit­eral glor­i­fic­a­tion of an instru­ment that is slightly not a tuba (dis­clos­ure: I played the tuba in high school). It’s still going to be a Kyoto Anim­a­tion pro­duc­tion of a baseline instru­ment. I think my baseline band mates would agree, it’s about time.

Why you should never be afraid to take a stand.

Hav­ing had a few years of enga­ging in debates in tan­gen­tially related top­ics like fem­in­ism, USA spy­ing, vegan­ism, USA tor­ture, athe­ism, athe­is­mplus, Linux versus Win­dows, evol­u­tion, and a myriad of other issues some­times within the same day with the same people, I have come to a very simple con­clu­sion. My point is, there is no […]

A Snippet of PERKASA

Kudos to the team over at Pop­TeeVee for once again pro­du­cing an inter­est­ing series of web-only pro­grams that super­ceeds any­thing on RTM by light-years. Here is an insight­ful (though short) look into the folks behind the right-wing fas­cist move­ment led by PERKASA. An organ­iz­a­tion I would love to see dis­mantled as quickly as pos­sible before […]

All I want for Christmas

Santa. All I want for Christ­mas, is for people to con­front their diet­ary choices so we don’t des­troy this planet.

Where I find out Magnatunes is DRM-free by Default

Looks like I shall be sav­ing up for that life­time mem­ber­ship to Mag­na­tunes. It’s not just the DRM-free part that con­vinced me, it is also the fact that 50% of what the site makes goes dir­ectly to the artists. It’s right there on their site: 50% of mem­ber­ship fees go dir­ectly to the artists who are […]