Anna Akana’s personal story says it all about Hollywood racism

There is very little that is more blatantly racist than casting Scarlett Johansson as a character named Motoko Kusanagi. A role that is meant to be played by a Japanese, if not someone at least of East Asian heritage is instead given to a white woman. Anna Akana’s acceptance speech for her award (the 2016 ISA Impact Award for APA Heritage Month) illustrates quite clearly what this means for actual Asian American thespians unfortunate enough to want to work in the movie industry in the United States of America.

Personally, I am boycotting the American movie industry for its most egregious copyright enforcement policies. Television is much better anyway in the 21st century in terms of representation and opportunities for peoples of all creeds.


Are you getting the wrong message from this prank?

I read with fascination the reaction from atheists I know in response to the following video:

It is a pretty good prank, and by disguising the Bible as the Quran makes two very good points simultaneously. The first being that the Bible is full of horrifying shit, and the second being that prejudicial behaviour towards Muslims allows some of the people to make such statements like:

Cutting off people’s hands… I mean, apparently, that’s just the way they are,

Hearing this, I think the Quran is more aggressive.

I think the Bible has mostly a lot of positive things in it.

Of course the big reveal at the end shocks the bystanders into confronting their prejudices. With one participant explicitly stating how he tried to not be prejudicial, but apparently he is a bigot. That man deserves a medal for willing to admit his prejudices, and would appear to be on the way towards recognising that problematic behaviour.

Behind the scenes, I have been finding myself debating people I would have thought would hold rational humanist positions. A very recent email exchange however, has shown me that even being involved in a secular atheist-driven movement is no vaccine against prejudice. The topic under discussion was Ahmed Mohamad’s clock, and I was questioning why the person running the Malaysian Atheists Twitter account was retweeting and supporting Richard Dawkins’ astoundingly absurd comparison of Ahmed to an ISIS beheading.

Yes, Islam is ridiculous. But that doesn’t mean all Muslims should be equated to terrorists. These same atheists fond of quoting how only the Sith take extreme positions seem to be blinded by their particular prejudice towards Islam and Muslims, that a blindingly obvious case of racism and bigotry can be rationalised away as a conspiratorial plot.

The point of this prank was to expose our prejudices, and it is not to All Lives Matter the entire debate on human conduct. The understanding is implicit that Western society at present encourages the victimization of Muslims, and that they are a monolithic group incapable of reasoning because they are barbarians and fascists. When mass shootings happen in the USA, and they are carried out by white people who are not-Muslims, they are called mentally ill. Terrorism is a badge exclusively for Muslim shooters. They don’t get the privilege of being treated like mentally ill people.

While in Malaysia, the government is allowed to impose their own particularly corrupt Islamic ideology upon the populace, and brave Muslim intellectuals who have chosen to interpret their religion progressively are branded as heretics. For far too long, atheists have been keen to link these progressives to their extremists brethren, as if merely being a Muslim means one also holds to the same extremist views of people who use Islam to justify violence and racism.

People are never driven by a single factor alone. We are affected by our experiences, and if people make an effort to better themselves, perhaps someday they will come to confront their prejudices and change their minds. Muslims are not the enemy. It is people who preach violence who are the true enemies. Those who sit in their posh office spaces commanding armies to blow up villages in the Middle-East, resulting in the inevitable rise to power of armies seeking retribution, who are then used to justify more bombings.

And from the perspective of the victims of bombs, it is the Christians and secular nations that are the evil ones. They who think nothing of using superior military technology to kill their enemies, and ignore the civilians who get in the way of their glorious bombing campaign for peace.

If you are taking your geo-political lessons from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the ghost of that drunkard who wrote something about preparing tea and women comedians not being funny while being a war-hawk – I do suggest you expand your reading beyond the intellectually trivial pursuit of merely arguing that gods do not exist, and try instead to understand the complexities of reality.



Happy Belated Thanksgiving / Unthanksgiving / National Day of Mourning in ascending levels of progressiveness.

Also this


Vegan Curry Buns

For a first try, these came out fantastic. Gave three of them from my prized horde to the building manager – and he liked it.

Vegan curry bun, from Mary's Test Kitchen.Needless to say, I quaffed the rest down, including the 5 others baking in the oven while this photo was taken.

Special thanks to Mary Lin of Mary’s Test Kitchen fame. Ever since I saw the video of her curry bun recipe, I have been plagued by daydreams of digging into one of these truly sumptuous freshly-baked pastries.


GST, now Yesterday’s News.

Remember how we Malaysians were up in arms over the GST?

Such good times compared to the RM 2.6 billion “donation” in Najib’s personal bank account.


I salute thee, fellow tubist.

Fine. It is technically a sousaphone, but I didn’t play it as often as a tuba.

Story here.

Via Citizen Radio.


Standard Indignation Form

Have something to say about vegans and veganism? This standard form is now available for download so we can save both our times. It even covers hedonists (who call themselves Epicureans).

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