Persiaran Karpal Singh

This is the first time a Malay­sian road was renamed in hon­our of a per­son in my life­time which is mean­ing­ful enough to war­rant a few tears.

Of all the politi­cians I have known in my short life, he was the only one with the gump­tion to truly, and prom­in­ently stand for a sec­u­lar coun­try, and to pro­tect the rights of the people to fair­ness and justice.

Thank you.

Oh no.

Karpal Singh has died. First Irene Fernan­dez, now Karpal. We have lost far too much this year.

Just Preordered The Drop that Contained the Sea

I abso­lutely enjoy Chris­topher Tin’s Call­ing All Dawns song cycle, so it is no sur­prise that I am more than a tad inter­ested in his next release The Drop that Con­tained the Sea. Incid­ent­ally, this is the first album I have pre­ordered just from hear­ing the first 3 seconds.

Do Not Buy: ZaReason ZT2 Tablet.

After own­ing the ZT2 for a little less than 5 months, I can con­fid­ently say this is a device one should avoid at all costs. While my ini­tial impres­sions of the device was noth­ing but optim­istic praise, the real­ity of daily use has shown the unac­cept­able qual­ity of a rather expens­ive con­sumer device. I have […]

Edward Snowden speaks at TED

Wan Junaidi is a Racist Rape Culture Apologist

Let’s break down what he said as quoted by the Malay­sian Insider. Wan Jun­aidi said stat­ist­ics showed 80%, or 1,147 of the 1,424 of stat­utory rape cases repor­ted last year, involved Malays. Stat­utory rape cov­ers girls aged below 16, regard­less of whether it involved con­sen­sual sex and whether the accused was an adult or minor. In […]

Happy pi Day

Not really. Down with pi! Long live the tau!